2010. december 29., szerda

I'm writing my thesis for my final degree. I hope that soon i can post more funky stuff ;)

2010. december 15., szerda


The film begins at a bus stop. 2 young guy arrives.
One of them draw a face to a character in the poster.
We can notice that it's a chewing gum poster.
In the poster there are those chewing gums and little colorful monsters who "invented the brand new chewing gum flavour" as the poster shows.
The big big mighty chewing gum now comes alive. whoooo. and he wants to rule the little monsters' world.
All the little monsters are scared! just a few guy is brave enough to protest. But the big chewing gum eats all of them, just one little green monster could escape.
The Chewing gum transmutes the little monsters to octopus monsters to catch the green one.

He tries to hide.

After a while he realizes that he's smarter than the octopuses.
Meanwhile the chewing gum loose his patience and follows the green one.

The green monster play with the chasers.
He changes the traffic light to green and the cars run over the octopuses. The drawings become paint splashes on the ground. After a while he gets rid of the chasers.
The chewing gum monster's anger makes him bigger and bigger.
He send more robots, octopuses and other creatures after the little green monster.

They are searching for him everywhere.
The little green one thinks that he's in safe. But they find him. He escapes on a bike.
He lost a wheel so he has to stop.

The monsters are following him.
He finds himself at the Hero's square. But he's not alone. Robots grow out the ground all around him.
hehe monsters everywhere, no escape ;)
But he jumps on a skateboarder and gets away.
The mighty chewing gum is more and more furious, and more and more larger.
The green one couldn't escape, the chasers are already everywhere.
On a top of a panel building the little green monster notice a huge billboard. The original Monster Chew advertisement. He lures the chasers in front of the poster, when they realize what they are become.
The green face the gigantic chewing gum.
He beats the huge evil monsters with the help of the converted chasers. They fall over the city like a enormous paint wave.

These are the color plans of the advertisement where the characters come alive ;)

2010. december 9., csütörtök

im doing now the storyboard, i hope that for tomorrow i will have a fix storyline, and i can write a longer synopsis! I have more pictures about the little green character but i changed his color yesterday so i have a little work with my earlier pics :)
here u can see the big big mighty baaad guy, he was a drawing in a commercial poster, he was a chewing gum drawing. A human act bring him to life. During the story he's more and more furious what makes him larger and larger.
At the end of the story the little green hero finds the way how to beat the big pink monster and he destroys him with the help of the octopus and robot monsters.

some pics from di new design.
as u can see i have a little green character, he's my hero, and a big pink one, he's the bad guy.
The little green infuriates the big pink monster that's why he creates octopus and robot monsters to get him. The film is about this chase where the characters are moving on the walls and other city faces.